Estimate Evergreen Tree Order Use this calculator for estimate purposes only! Actual cost may vary to your advantage. Evergreen tree quantity and species discounts may be applied to "Estimate Total" amount. Contact us for a more accurate estimate and current discounts on quantity and overstock evergreen trees.

Quantity:   How many trees this size and species?
Species:   (select a tree size and species)
Tree Size:   or     or     or     or     (height)
  How many miles driving one-way?
  Base tree price x 60% (planting only, no mulching, no staking, etc.)
  Total mulching price (shredded hardwood mulch around each tree)
  Total staking price (2 x 3'-7' green metal posts, wire, hoses)
  Total fencing price (3-5 x 3'-7' green metal posts, wire, hoses, 3'-5' wire fence)
  Base tree price x 10% (hard ground, boulders, rocks, shale, roots, etc.)
  Base tree price x 10% (distance from road, steep hill, wet ground, etc.)

Evergreen Tree Order Estimate
  Hard Digging:
 Hard Location:
------------------   ------------------   ------------------
Sub Total:
  Sub Total:
  Sub Total:
Accum Total:
  PA Sales Tax:
 Estimate Total:

Note: Add up to $100 machine use and transport charge, if needed, when we deliver and unload your trees off our truck and we do not plant your trees. There are no machine charges if you unload your trees off our truck using your machine. Machine charges are included in planting charge when we plant your trees.
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