Chester County Trees
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Chester County Grown Evergreen Trees, Coatesville, PA 19320
Chester County Evergreen Tree Farm located in Coatesville, PA 19320
Chester County Trees
Chester County Trees
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Black Hills Spruce
Black Hills Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce
Colorado Blue Spruce

Balsam (Fraser) Fir
Fraser Fir
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PICK UP ONLY     By Appointment Only
Weekdays: 10am - 3pm
Weekends: 10am - 7pm
Spring: MAR - MAY   •   Summer: JUN - AUG   •   Fall: SEP - NOV
March, July, November: Depends On Weather Conditions
December, January, February: CLOSED

Now accepting orders for SPRING pick up or delivery. Order, schedule, or request a quote NOW, click here.

  • If you can pick up your trees, you can rent our heavy duty tree dollie for $20 per day to unload your trees and move them to their final resting place.
  • Although we will dig, deliver, and plant trees any time in the spring, summer, or fall seasons, early spring or early fall is the best time to transplant a tree. Both spring and fall are prime times - early in the season. Usually, fall is the best time to transplant since spring transplants usually require more water and maintenance during the hot and dry summer months the first year after transplant.
  • March, early spring transplants are scheduled before the trees bud or candle new growth, the earlier, the better. If you miss the spring schedule, you should wait for late summer or early fall to transplant unless you plan to persistently water the trees throughout the summer.
  • August, early fall is the best time to transplant a tree... any time thereafter, lessens the tree's time and ability to root or settle-in prior to the cold and windy winter months and prior to spring budding or candling new growth the first year after transplant.
  • Fall tree transplants require significantly less water and maintenance the first year after transplant than spring transplants. Spring transplants must be carefully monitored the first year, especially under severe heat and drought conditions.
  • For guaranteed fall pick up, delivery or planting, your order must be confirmed by the end of September. Otherwise, all subsequent fall orders are scheduled weather permitting until the ground freezes in early to late November. If you miss the fall schedule, you should order and schedule now to get on our spring schedule.
  • Christmas Tree Sales: We do not dig and ball, cut down, or sell our trees as Christmas trees.

Chester County Grown Evergreen Trees
Chester County Evergreen Tree Farm located in Coatesville, PA 19320