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Black Hills Spruce
Black Hills Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce
Colorado Blue Spruce

Norway Spruce
Norway Spruce
Popular Evergreen Trees
About Evergreen Trees

In our experience with evergreen trees, the most disease, insect and deer resistant, durable and desirable evergreen trees for the Chester County and central east coast area are the spruce trees. The spruce trees such as black hills spruce, colorado blue spruce, norway spruce, and white spruce offer a variety of colors and appearance and growth rates from slow to moderate to fast growing. Nonetheless, all other evergreen trees we grow experience little or no disease or insect problems and certainly blend well in the Chester County landscape and appear to be in great demand.

White pine is the most popular pine tree in our area. White pine grow fast and dense and blend well with other evergreen trees. Pines are very durable trees, and disease and insect resistant.

In general, most seedling evergreen trees grow a few inches per year the first and second years, about 6" per year in the third and fourth years, about 1' per year in the fifth and sixth years. Thereafter, they can grow about 1' to 2' per year depending on weather and soil conditions. Transplanted trees usually grow at a slower rate the first year, or even two years, after moving them until their root system is re-established. With most evergreen trees (or any plant) after moving them, the first year they sleep, the second year they creep, and the third year they leap. Evergreen trees produce substantial new growth in spring and some growth throughout the summer months.

Evergreen trees, like all plants and trees, should be dug and transplanted in early spring or early fall (preferably early fall) == transplanted shortly after dug to minimize tree shock and help the tree quickly adapt to the new environment. Early spring transplanting will affect the new growth to some degree that is expected during the spring months and will require periodic and consistent watering over the hot and dry summer months, but is otherwise a good time to transplant evergreen trees. Of course the longer evergreen trees remain in the ground, the more full and strong they will become and remain. We like to dig and plant trees the same day or within a few days to minimize tree shock! Trees dug and set aside for weeks or months is not best for your tree!

Why do we recommend 7'-8' evergreen trees?
  • the trees are easier to dig, transport, and plant at this size
  • homeowners and landscapers can easily plant this size without machines
  • the trees experience less shock and adapt quicker after transplanted
  • the cost for the buyer is significantly more reasonable and affordable
  • after 8', the trees grow significantly faster and are more costly to dig, transfer, and plant
  • after one year, you can change your mind and relocate the tree with little effort
  • most likely, this size tree will develop into a very strong and full tree rather quickly
  • the chance that this size tree will fail, is next to none
  • deer prefer to rub trees smaller than 5' tall

slow growing
black hills spruce (s)
colorado blue spruce (s)
white spruce (m)
fast growing
norway spruce (t)
white pine (t)

Average Heights Legend:   Comparison Chart

s = short (40' to 60')   m = medium (60' to 80')   t = tall (80' to 100')

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Chester County Grown Evergreen Trees
Chester County Evergreen Tree Farm located in Coatesville, PA 19320