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Chester County Trees
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Evergreen Trees
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Trees for wildlife

Birds and small animals need concealed places for nesting and hiding, protected from the eyes of predators. Good natural habitat features variety -- in plant species, in slopes and terrain, in plant height, and in transition between plant communities. read more

Deer Problems?

Are deer rubbing the bark or breaking limbs off your trees? You can help protect your trees from deer damage with a simple 3' x 36" white corrugated tree guard, metal stakes and wire, or 4' wire fence. read more

8' Tree Advantage

Cost drops significantly, no heavy machinery to plant, trees will adjust and thrive sooner, easier to water and train. read more

Tree Aftercare

Your new tree(s) will need attention the first year after planting. Remove surface burlap, rope, and stakes. Prune to train as needed. DO NOT fertilize. read more

Christmas Tree Sales

We do not dig and ball, cut down, or sell our trees as Christmas trees.
Chester County PA Evergreen Trees
Direct from the tree farm to your planting site. Fresh dug trees every time, not aged retail store or nursery stock!

Chester County Trees is a family owned and operated evergreen tree farm located in Coatesville, PA. We grow a variety of popular evergreen trees for sale to local homeowners, companies, tree landscapers, and farmers. All of our evergreen trees are fresh dug, ball and burlap (B&B), and grow well in the Chester County, Pennsylvania area. Healthy trees, fast service, prompt delivery and planting, guaranteed! read more
Evergreen Tree Sales, Delivery, Planting
Evergreen Tree Sales, Delivery, Planting
Improving Chester County, one tree at a time!
Black Hills Spruce 6' - 8' Available NOW
Colorado Blue Spruce6' - 8' Available NOW
Fraser Fir 6' - 8' Available NOW
Norway Spruce 6' - 8' Available NOW
White Pine 6' - 8' NOT Available
White Spruce 6' - 8' Available NOW
Forsythia Bushes 6' - 8' Available NOW

Delivery And Planting Available With Tree Guarantee
5 Tree Minimum For Most Areas

Or, You Pick Up With Your Truck Or Trailer And Plant Yourself
Rent Our Heavy Duty Tree Dollie For The Day

9' - 16' Evergreen Trees Also Available Off-Site.

Order and schedule to plant your trees for SPRING or you may miss the next planting season!   Order NOW

White Pine
White Pine
White Spruce
White Spruce

Norway Spruce
Norway Spruce
Our Evergreen Trees
Trees shade and cool our homes, bring songbirds close by, and mark the changing seasons. For all of us, trees are a source of lumber, food, and countless products, and trees beautify our communities and countryside. But equally important, trees conserve energy, reduce soil erosion, clean the air we breathe, and help protect rivers and streams.

If trees are to provide all these benefits, we need to care for the trees we have and plant more. Planting and caring for trees is something each of us can do to improve our community and the environment.
Trees benefit the whole world
The trees we plant, benefit the whole world. They soon stretch up toward the sun giving shelter, shade, comfort, joy, beauty, and relief from the concrete jungle. They trap dust, diminish smog, and reduce traffic noise. They produce oxygen and moderate the temperature. They provide a home for wildlife.

And by removing carbon dioxide from the air, trees help fight the greenhouse effect and the resulting drought and heat waves -- that is for real! Add privacy, character, and value to your home with a variety of Chester County grown evergreen trees!
Trees & Bushes
Popular Trees & Bushes Tree & Bush Price List Tree & Bush Price Quote Tree & Bush Estimator Tree Removal Service
Select / Limited
Evergreen Trees
6' to 8' $120 each
Forsythia Bushes
3' potted $15 each
6' x 6' $100 each
7' x 7' $125 each
Bradford Pear
Cleveland Pear
Flowering Trees
4" and 5" $150 each
Autumn Blaze Maple
4' potted $15 each
Weeping Willow
4' potted $30 each
For A Limited Time
Order NOW

If you own or rent a truck or trailer and can dig a 32" diameter x 24" deep hole, you can easily plant a 6'-8' tree using our heavy duty tree dollie for $20 per day.

Autumn Blaze Maple Trees
• Bradford Pear Trees
• Canadian Cherry Trees
• Cleveland Pear Trees
• Linden Shade Trees
Weeping Willow Trees
Forsythia Bushes

Planting Trees

Planting evergreen trees: Evergreen trees are planted in the same manner as deciduous trees, and do not need pruning at planting. Partial shade is recommended for the first... read more

How To Save Energy With Trees

Carefully placed trees can provide cooling summer shade, protect your home from chilling winter winds, and maximize energy gains from winter sunlight -- cutting annual home energy use by as much as 15 to 35 percent. read more

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Chester County Grown Evergreen Trees
Chester County Evergreen Tree Farm located in Coatesville, PA 19320